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ThumbnailViewbrite Safety was established in 1980. The company provides quality products and services to many large national corporations in the United States. We have factory production, logistics, and support capabilities to supply the national and international market.

  • ANSI Safety Vests: New Inexpensive High Quality ANSI Safety Vests :: ANSI Safety Vests: Everyday men and women risk their lives working along our highways and...
  • Collapsible Traffic Cones: 3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Collapsible Traffic Cones Over A Traditional Traffic Cone :: Millions of people take to roadways each day for travel, work or just around the...

Summer Cruise Ship Safety

Summer is officially in full swing bringing more people to the roads, airports and on board cruise ships. Travel safety should always be top of mind for industry professionals, but extra caution is necessary during the peak summer season. The latest cruise headlines have made traveling on these magnificent ships questionable for many families. Here are a few key points in protecting the public while aboard a cruise ship: Be aware.

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Sizzling Tips for Summer Heat Safety

Intense summer heat can be dangerous and even deadly. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) found that 7,233 heat-related deaths occurred in the United States from 1999 to 2009. However heat related health issues are easily preventable with the right tools and knowhow. Here are three recommended ways to stay safe during the sizzling summer months. Stay cool. There are many ways to stay cool during summer. When your outside on

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Six Safety Items To Have In Your Trunk

It’s the last week of National Safety Month, so it’s the perfect time to remind everyone about safety preparation. At Viewbrite we always recommend preparing for the unexpected. Here are a few safety essentials to add to your vehicle in case of an emergency. First aid kits are always a necessity, but especially in labor intensive industries. Our emergency preparedness kit contains all the basic items you might need such as

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Help Us Celebrate National Safety Month

In support of National Safety Month we’re highlighting one of our favorite products at Viewbrite, the traffic cone. It is one of our favorites because it encourages safe drivers and ultimately helps save lives. Let’s talk about a few benefits of using traffic cones and discover a few of our favorite types of safety cones. Traffic cones are durable in all weather conditions; they stand up in extreme heat to severe

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The Many Uses of Safety Cones

When you think of a traffic cone what comes to mind? Traffic cones are used in a number of industries to keep our communities aware and most importantly, safe. Although they may seem insignificant, traffic cones provide a plethora of signs and signals to keep vehicles and pedestrians safe and alert. There are many common benefits to using traffic cones. They caution for road blocks ahead and provide warning to slow

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May Is Clean Air Month

May is Clean Air Month; supported by the American Lung Association to educate people on the impact air can have on their lives. Since breathing is an involuntary act, it can be easy to forget about the importance of air. There are many ways air quality can affect everyday life. Such as greenhouse gases, vehicle and factory pollutants, acid rain and even mold. Bad air quality can harm both the

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Tornado Awareness Month – Preparation Tips for Staying Safe

Although tornados occur throughout the year, they are most common between the months of March and September. April has officially been named Tornado Awareness Month to remind communities of the various dangers tornados bring. Knowing what to do and where to go in the event of a tornado may save your life. Here are our top five tips for staying safe during tornado season. Locate local shelters and know your tornado risk.

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Spring Safety Tips For Law Enforcement

As temperatures rise, so do crime rates. Violence, especially street crimes like muggings, break-ins and assaults occur most often in the spring and summer when people are spending more of their time outdoors. Law enforcement personnel protect our communities throughout the spring and summer at the mercy of the elements. Here are some helpful ways law enforcement workers can prepare and protect themselves in the coming months: Get in shape. It is

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4 Ways To Protect Employees From Health Hazard and Physical Hazards

Outdoor workers are often exposed to many different types of health and physical hazards. Some of these common hazards include physical hazards, biological hazards, and poisonous plants and wildlife. Outdoor workers such as landscapers, construction workers, farmers and mechanics should be educated on what work hazards to expect specifically explaining hazard identification. A physical hazard is anything from extreme cold, heat, noise to even lightening. Extreme physical hazards can cause things

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Spring Safety – Waste Management

A waste substance is defined by the Federal and State regulations as substances that pose a threat to human health or the environment if not properly managed. Waste management workers receive monthly training on a variety of OSHA related topics but it doesn’t hurt to review safety. Keeping safety top of mind is crucial in an industry like waste management because hazard and injury are a consistent threat. Injury and illness

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