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Avoid Crashes With Flourescent Safety Clothing

Wearing a safety vests can make the difference in a life and death situation. Every year, scores of women and men are injured or killed while driving or walking on or near roads. Building workers, police force personnel and the first responders all wear some kind of brightly colored security garment. Wearing a reflective security jacket can save your life in many situations.

American National Standards Institute

In an attempt to reduce the number of accidents, the security organization titled the American National Standards Institute has established security requirements with regard to high visibility garments as well as other high visibility clothing. To ensure that orange t-shirt is seen both in the vibrant sun as well as in the dark of the night, there are certain standards regarding the total amount of reflective materials the actual garment must have.

High Visibility Garments

A higher visibility garment is supposed to result in the wearer being more visible. This is whether the garment is put on during the day or during the night. Security garments must comply with these standards which are industry wide. Workers who work on the highways or who are exposed to either high traffic or heavy construction equipment are required to put on refractive garments. Workers who would get asked to wear a refractive security vest garment can be involved in a number of different occupations.

Class 3

Class 3 safety vests tend to be worn by police, paramedics, and other authorities when higher visibility is really a requirement. During these times, protection officials are designated in certain areas to secure a location or conduct a rescue operation. Different departments tend to wear different colors. These bright and usually neon colors make it easier to distinguish the public safety staff as well as their responsibilities. Public security staff can often be seen wearing these vests at accident sites or disaster scenes.


There are special security garments that are handed out during special events. These garments are often put on by people who are directing traffic at crowded events. They are also worn by those supplying security services. These kinds of garments are usually fluorescent yellow or lime and worn over clothing.

Available For Many Jobs

The majority of these types of garments are left unprinted or they could be printed with titles such as “Staff” or even “Security” so they can be utilized interchangeably with other events. These kinds of vests may also be worn by bikers who are riding at night or even during bad weather conditions to enhance their visibility. ┬áThere’s even safety rain gear for when working in the rain.

Reflective Garments

Class 3 refractive garments tend to be for use where official personnel that are exposed to high automobile rates of speed. In these situations the visibility is reduced. The worker and vehicle drivers are both at higher risks in these scenarios. Examples of workers that could use Class 3 reflective garments include highway construction works, surveyors and utility power workers.

Order Online

Various online stores offer a wide selection of safety vests choices at practical rates. There are many different types, depending on their use. It is important to be prepared for the possible event of an accident. Vests and safety tee shirts are two ways to avoid these mishaps.

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