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Different Types Of Protective Or Safety Clothing

Working in mines, factories, hospitals, laboratories or even on a farm can be hazardous in more than one way and to protect yourself against mishaps or specific accidents, you need to wear safety clothing. This is also not a choice that you have the luxury of making but it is rather part of regulations for each of these professions and you are expected to wear them.

From Shoes To Vests To Hats

Now, when we mention safety clothing, we also refer to work wear in general or any kind of protective wear, which can include anything from shoes and vests to protective glasses or hats. Any sort of clothing you wear to protect your skin, face, head or any other part of your body can be classified as safety wear. Without this general protection, certain work can be increasingly dangerous.


There are many different types of materials used to manufacture work wear. You have certain industries that demand lightweight fabrics. Then a paper like fiber is used to make certain garments that will protect you against dust and splashes. A heavy-duty type of cotton or wool material is used to manufacture overalls in general. These materials are usually specially treated to offer some fire resistance to those who wear them.

Sharp Object Protection

For those people who work in an environment where there are a lot of sharp objects, edges and rough materials which can easily cut or bruise them. A material called Duck is used to manufacture their overalls. Duck is a cotton material that is woven very closely and it provides sufficient protection against possible cuts. It is a very durable material and resistant to most working conditions as well.

Other Materials

There is also the reliable material leather that provides mainly protection against heat and flames. It is commonly used for some of the protection firemen wear when doing their job as firefighters. Another few frequently used materials are rubberized fabrics, plastic or a material called neoprene. They are used often where people work with certain chemicals or acids. Hard hats, typically worn by miners and construction workers, are also manufactured from certain plastics to protect a worker’s head from falling objects.

Chemical Protection

It is very important that, before you buy any protection against chemicals used at work, you familiarize yourself with which materials can withstand the damage caused by these chemicals at your work. Each material was designed to safeguard you from a specific chemical or chemicals, as well as possible physical harm you might sustain.

Check Online

There are various companies that sell these protective products but not all of them cater for every type of protection. There are some of the bigger suppliers who stock equipment and clothing that will give you enough protection under most working conditions. Make an effort to visit the online websites of some of these suppliers to browse through their online catalogs. There you will find detailed descriptions on the compilation of each material used in the garments as well as suggestions for which conditions they are suited.

If you are the owner of a factory or work place where your employees are constantly working under hazardous conditions, it is also your duty to supply them with these general work wear. The safety of all your workers should be a top priority. Rules and regulations regarding safety clothing are very strict and companies that do not adhere to them may find themselves in trouble because of it. Construction safety vests are also required for construction workers.

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