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Help Us Celebrate National Safety Month

In support of National Safety Month we’re highlighting one of our favorite products at Viewbrite, the traffic cone. It is one of our favorites because it encourages safe drivers and ultimately helps save lives. Let’s talk about a few benefits of using traffic cones and discover a few of our favorite types of safety cones.

Traffic cones are durable in all weather conditions; they stand up in extreme heat to severe cold and are long lasting. Additionally traffic cones have great flexibility allowing easy storage and quick on-site placement. Most often traffic cones are found in bright citrus colors like orange and yellow providing easy visibility. Another great benefit these cones often have is their reflective band providing even higher visibility in fog or dark conditions.

Here are a few traffic cone favorites:

  • Lighted collapsible traffic cone is one of our picks because of the convenience factor. Traditional cones are often too large conesand inconvenient to carry in an average sized vehicle. The collapsible traffic cones have been designed to minimize the amount of space required for storage. However, they still open up to the same height and dimension of a traditional traffic safety cone. Learn how to retract and collapse our lighted collapsible traffic cone here.
  • Our next pick is the 42″ Channeling Traffic Cone, it’s made to channel, filter, and divert traffic on highways. We love these cones because they’re stackable for easy storage; and they are made from high impact plastic for long lasting durability. In addition this cone features two mounting holes to allow the use of warning lights for extra safety at night.
  • Our last traffic cone favorite is a necessary accessory. This 7lb rubber traffic cone weight is perfect for those windy days when you need some extra stability. Here’s a video on how to assemble the weight to a typical traffic cone.

How are you celebrating National Safety Month?

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