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High Visibility Safety Vest – A Look At The Many Options Available

A high visibility safety vest is worn for many different reasons and suits the needs for a wide range of professionals. Because there are so many guidelines that must be followed, manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure the clothing is up to standard. For protection reasons, clothing that is not certified should not be purchased because it will most likely not hold up very well.

ANSI Classes

Because requirements for professions vary, there are a few main categories that the vests are put into and each category is designed to cater to all of the professions who require them. Three of these include the class 2 and class 3 models, along with the 207 category. Each shares design choices as well. In an effort to provide quality apparel, manufacturers only use the highest quality materials.

Who Needs 207 Category?

Police officers, fire fighters and Emergency Medical Technicians share one common thread when it comes to these types of vests. The vests all fall under the 207 category and are available in green, orange and yellow color schemes along with multiple styles. Another feature of this category is the logos that are located on the back, front and sleeves of the vests. The logos include Police, EMT, Fire and Sheriff.

Breakaway Design

A unique design that is available in pretty much every category is the breakaway design. This design is quite unique because it has Velcro straps that hold it together at the shoulders. The Velcro straps provide the person wearing the clothing with a quick escape in the event they need to remove it in a hurry.

Class 2

One of the common categories of vests, which are worn primarily by construction workers, is the class 2 category of vests. These models have a color background coverage area of 775 inches paired with 201 inches of reflective surfacing. The designs available in this category include the breakaway, mesh and traffic models and they are available in neon orange and yellow color schemes.

Class 3

The other popular category in the construction field is the class 3 category which has a color surface area of 1240 inches paired with a reflective surface area of 310 inches. The areas are up to current specifications for the industry and provide maximum sight coverage for the personnel wearing them. Because of the duties involved within the construction field, the available designs include mesh, DOT, fire resistant and polyester materials.

More Affordable

During the current financial downturn, money is not always available and so vendors are offering an economy line of vests. The designs are a bit plain compared to the more expensive designs, however, they are all mad of quality materials. Even though they do not have all the extras like additional pockets, these vests are great for any job that requires reflective safety gear.

Get The Right Vests

When it comes to buying the right high visibility safety vest, take the time to shop around and find one that fits all the requirements. Also, make sure that the clothing being purchased is made by a name brand company. Purchasing name brand equipment ensures that the gear is of good quality and has passed all the necessary required tests. You should also get some color of safety tee shirts to go underneath the vests.

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