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Important Safety Tips For Everyone On A Construction Site

It’s widely known that construction is a dangerous profession. To make things worse, there are so many factors that can come in and increase the danger of working in construction, such as the presence of big machines, working at night, constructing during the rain, and more. As you might gather from this, safety is a top priority on construction sites, and safety green t-shirts are an important step towards securing everyone’s safety. Other tools are vastly useful as well, such as traffic cones, hardhats, rain gear, and more. Learning some basic construction safety tips can really help create a safer environment for everyone.

Dangerous Situations

It can be hard for those who work outside the field of construction (or other dangerous occupations) to know what it’s like to have to be concerned with bodily harm. A hundred people a year die in construction accidents, and 20,000 are injured. About 90% of the time, the deaths can be attributed to falling, getting stuck in-between objects, getting hit by objects, or getting electrocuted, all of which are easily avoidable. While the government can create law after law after law for safety, one of which is the requirement to wear safety clothing, good background in construction safety knowledge is what can really turn the statistics around, meaning it’s up to the people on the construction site.

Get Educated

There is certainly no shortage of dangers on the construction site, but with a good supply of construction safety education can help keep workers and everyone else on the site safe. Construction safety education is provided through a variety of means, and can help everyone be a little bit safer.

Hidden Obstructions

Underground and above-ground obstructions can turn out to be very dangerous. These obstructions come in many forms, including telephone lines, electrical wires, water lines, sewer pipes, and a lot more. There is a special number workers can call to make sure they know where all of these obstructions are located. Once this information is gathered, special and careful marking of these obstructions can avoid expensive problems as well as injuries.

Heavy Machinery

Wearing seat belts in cars is important, and wearing them in heavy machinery is very important as well. Especially when there is unlevel ground or unstable surfaces involved, wearing a seat belt could save an operator’s life if the machine where to slip or fall over. In addition to wearing the seat belts, extra care in moving the machines can help prevent these spills. It’s up to the operator to really know his machine well. The actual moving of construction machinery can be dangerous as well. Backing up can get really scary, and precautions should be taken to avoid injuries. Operators should physically get out and make sure no one is behind them, use wide-angle mirrors, and employ the aid of a spotter.

The lock-out/tag-out rule is one that many construction workers are familiar with. This very strict rule was created to avoid workers getting injured while repairing machinery, especially in the case of something getting accidentally turned on. The part of the machine being worked on is shut off and locked, then marked with a special tag to display that it should not be turned back on in any circumstance. It’s not hard to imagine all the awful things that could come from not using this important rule. Knowing this information and wearing the required safety lime t-shirts can make a construction site much safer.

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