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LED Safety Vests

Light emitting diodes commonly known as LEDs are a current technology initiated by electronic developers. They are applied in various fields, especially in digital clocks, decorations, remote controls and in illuminating traffic lights. However, the technology is also applied as a protective device to increase the safety of an individual by use of an LED safety vest.


LED technology is mainly comprised of tiny shiny bulbs fitted into an electric circuit. The only difference between them and other bulbs is that their filament does not burn out. This prevents the bulb from excessive heating. The circuit can be fitted into a special type of clothing and then set to produce either a flashing or constant light in poorly lit areas.


With a flashing jacket, either at night or in dim light, any motorist or a person coming your way will be aware of a person that is ahead. This way, the number of accidents that might occur as a result of poor vision are greatly reduced. These vests are mostly recommended for motorists using motorbikes or bicycles, night workers, pedestrians, joggers, police and traffic patrol personnel.

Safety Features 

However, the safety gear ought to have some special features to avoid poor functioning. The prime feature is that the vest should be installed with flashy and bright colors. This is because such colors will increase the visual ability of individuals. The lights should be placed along a reflective lining and they should be aligned all through the jacket. This means that they should be placed at reasonable intervals at the front and back of the cloth.


Note that the jacket will be in use for longer periods of time. For this reason, ensure that the bulbs have low power consumption with optimum efficiency. Their battery life should be strong enough to run for several days. This way, you will have avoided the risk of the bulbs going off during moments of need. Consider also acquiring the small batteries so as to avoid heavy loads on the clothing.

Light Material 

Furthermore, the vests should be extremely light and easy to wear. This is because the gear is not meant to burden you or make you feel loaded. Instead,its main purpose is to ensure that you are partially protected from accidents that might be as a result of poor vision. One should feel comfortable while wearing the jacket since it is usually worn on top of other clothing.


Acquire a vest that is easily adjustable. This means that it can be easily altered to emit quick flashes, slow flashes or to produce a continuous light. This is because different signals are used to communicate different messages to concerned parties. For example, a certain flash can be used to inform other parties that the victim is hurt or is in good condition.

An LED safety vest will provide additional protection since oncoming traffic can easily spot you while walking, biking, running, or performing roadside repairs. However, without the above features, the above function may not be performed. Apart from ensuring that the cloth is bright, also consider getting a safety t-shirt like those worn on construction sites.


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