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OSHA/ANSI Safety Clothing – Prevent Accidents From Happening

A safety vest is worn by those who are working in an environment where they’re at risk of being injured. These types of vests tend to be fluorescent in color, drawing attention to the otherwise unnoticeable person. These vests come under one of three groups: class 1, class 2, and class 3.

High Visibility

In an attempt to reduce the number of accidents, the security organization titled the American National Standards Institute has established security requirements with regard to high visibility garments as well as other high visibility clothing. To ensure that orange t-shirt is seen both in the vibrant sun as well as in the dark of the night, there are certain standards regarding the total amount of reflective materials the actual garment must have.

Class 2

The garments that are classified class 2 tend to be worn by those who are working in the dark areas with high vehicle traffic or they are worn during severe weather conditions. These garments tend to be sized as full, half, as well as short sleeve. This attracts much more attention to the individual, supplying an extra level of protection. Like the class 1 vests, they are offered in neon orange, yellow or lime and may be imprinted with department or organization titles. This range of vest can be obtained in different fabrics of varying weights.

ANSI Standards

The actual ANSI standard has created three distinct classes for higher visibility clothing. Class 1 is considered a safety jacket and is used where work activities involve undivided attention to nearing traffic. They are typically worn in areas of heavy vehicle traffic. The cars are typically travelling at moderate speed levels.


Accidents in the workplace are also extremely common, especially in industrial environments. Specialized security gear is equipped with regard to construction workers to make sure their own security on construction site is in place. This kind of garment is considered as one of the essential objects in their checklist of security equipment.


The majority of these types of garments are left unprinted or they could be printed with titles such as “Staff” or even “Security” so they can be utilized interchangeably with other events. These kinds of vests may also be worn by bikers who are riding at night or even during bad weather conditions to enhance their visibility.


This kind of protective clothing is typically colored bright orange or yellow neon colors. Apart from these, there are also mesh security garments which includes flexible closures that are available in different sizes. If you are wearing these reflective garments, you are more visible which in turn lowers the general risk of an accident.

If you are buying one or two safety vestfor personal use, you can get a number of different sizes and designs. Regardless of whether you buy the safety t-shirt or the sleeveless model, most stores give you graphic details prior to deciding to buy anything on the internet so you can be confident that it will fit.

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