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Reflective Tee Shirts – The Variety Of Benefits

Reflective T-shirts are a great to wear while doing an activity like cycling or construction work especially in low light conditions and/or weather. This entry below will contain some pointers on why.


There are many benefits of reflective t-shirts any they range from industry to industry. In the construction industry, reflective t-shirts allow works to be seen in both day and night. This is very important on the job so the works can concentrate on the job and not worry about getting hit by a car or other accidents due to visibility. For cyclists both amateur and pro, reflective t-shirts are also very important to the sport. Cycling at night can be dangerous especially on thin roads, blind turns and corners. Cyclists need to have every precaution so including a helmet they also choose to don a reflective t-shirt. When a cars light reflect off the t-shirt, the driver can easily identify the cyclist to avoid him or her.


Reflective t-shirts can come in many colors but the standard color is lime green. This is the most popular color of reflective t-shirts and will be seen on most construction workers or cyclists. Other colors may include orange and yellow. All of these colors come in a florescent shade which is more effective than regular shades because its easier to spot. This will reduce accidents and provide safety and security to those who wear it.


In addition to the t-shirt, 3M film is added to many of the reflective t-shirts and is what causes the reflectiveness to keep many people safe. Without the 3M film, reflective t-shirts would just be another florescent green, yellow and orange shirt. 3M film keep many of the the people who wear reflective t-shirts safe. The 3M can also be added to the t-shirts manually if more is wanted. Reflective t-shirts are usually made out of the regular cotton but can be manufactured out of other material if needed.


Reflective t-shirts are easily affordable and come in many varieties in weight. The lighter the t-shirt the cooler it is. Among the variety there are 3.7, 4.1 and 5.6 ounce t-shirts. This is great depending on why you’re wearing the shirt for. Cyclists may opt for something lighter that wont weigh them down when they sweat but once again its all up to personal preference. Workers may often opt for the lighter shirts. Lifting, pulling and pushing will take a toll. Not only will a lighter t-shirt weight them down less, it’ll give them more room for flexibility. But once again all of these situations depend on the weather or conditions. If its a little cooler a heavier t-shirt would be more appropriate.


Instead of reflective safety t-shirts, more people now are actually shifting over to reflective t-shirts statistics show. Reflective t-shirts are a life saver for construction workers, cyclists and many more. They are great for safety precautions and are comfortable, durable and affordable. They are a great alternative to reflective vests as well.

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