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Safety Tips – Landscape Professionals

Manual labor can pose risk to workers, especially if out in the elements and not properly equipped. Professionals in the landscaping and horticulture realm need to take certain cautions when working with hazardous materials in the field.

Landscaping and horticulture encompass a variety of services including architecture, design, irrigation systems, planting, and hatoverall construction. Some of these services involve hazardous materials, and heavy machinery. Some of the important places to protect first are the eyes, face, and head. In order to do so and abide by OSHA safety and health standards you need the proper equipment and know how.

Eye protection can be anything from a hat or visor to safety glasses. Keep in mind eye protection is important but visual limitations can be the cause of injury as well. Safety glasses may be a better option in certain situations as they offer protection and visibility unlike a traditional cap.

Face protection such as a Pyramex headgear can be necessary during heavy construction, chemical spraying, or just to protect against different types of debris.

Head and ear protection is important in any manual labor atmosphere. Whether working outside in the sun, or lifting heavy rocks and machinery in a warehouse safety precaution always comes first.  Hard hats, ear muffs, and neon colors are smart options to ensure each worker is visible and protected.

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