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Summer Cruise Ship Safety

Summer is officially in full swing bringing more people to the roads, airports and on board cruise ships. Travel safety should always be top of mind for industry professionals, but extra caution is necessary during the peak summer season. The latest cruise headlines have made traveling on these magnificent ships questionable for many families. Here are a few key points in protecting the public while aboard a cruise ship:

  1. Be aware. Cruise ship passengers come in all ages; ranging from children to adults to the elderly. Keep a look out for things like irrational behavior, children without their parents, or people who may have lost their way; early action may prevent an inconvenience from escalating to a serious problem.
  2. Use safety tools as necessary. If there is a spill on the upper deck or any other kind of safety hazard, take action right conesaway. Use lighted traffic cones to prevent falls or accidents in daylight as well as the evening hours. Always wear your appropriate uniform, to ensure that other crew members and passengers know who you are.
  3. Share your knowledge. Although cruise goers are given rules and regulations upon boarding it doesn’t hurt to refresh their minds during the trip if needed. If you witness any suspicious behavior report it immediately for the safety of all cruise goers. Remind anyone breaking the rules that they are subject to enforcement. Describe what the ship’s expectations are and how those aboard must follow regulations for their own safety.

Cruise ship safety is just as important as traffic or flight safety. Knowing how to protect yourself and those around you is how you can help prevent cruise ship injuries and even fatalities, making it a pleasant experience for all.

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