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The Bright Side Of Fluorescent Orange Safety Shirts

Bright colors that have in the recent past have been missing in clothing have taken route into the modern fashion. One of these lasting and practical applications has been seen in people wearing fluorescent orange shirts. This shade is also known as ‘safety orange’. This color is mostly used in road safety measures due to its brightness. In cases involving, safety one will always prefer to use this color yet there are times when other colors are used instead.


This color is used in many places and with different intentions. For instance, the color is used in the safety industries. Although this was not the intention of the designers, it was a happy invention for people concerned with industrial safety. Since the color is very visible, many employees were saved from accidents that are caused by poor visibility or low light. Bright orange has proven to be the best for this purpose.

Accident Avoidance

The emergence of these shirts encouraged their use not only in manufacturing of unique protection clothing that are worn by heavy gear operators but also among people who are exposed to hazards in the open. The color attracts the attention of people who are nearby by creating an amplified visual presence. Literally, many accidents have been avoided through wearing florescent orange shirts and other clothing.


Employees in the construction and manufacturing industries are not the only ones enjoying the invention of highly visible florescent dyes. While different types of shirts have been used this way, other manufactures mix sturdy space-age materials for recreational use with some bright colors. This normally creates an extra visibility for hunters, hikers and sports enthusiasts.

Safety Measure

When buying florescent orange shirts as a safety measure either in the construction or in a manufacturing firm, you should check the minimum standards. A safety shirt should be short sleeved and the tank top should be fixed nicely. The cotton that is used to make the cloth should be heavy and have the capacity to withstand extreme weather changes.

All Purpose

This type of shirt is also worn for different occasions. For example, cyclists usually wear them when they are racing. Therefore, the material that the cloth is made of for this occasion should be light so it does not weigh the cyclist down when they sweat. Although it is up to an individual to go for what he or she prefers, weather conditions determine the type of shirt that you need to wear.

History Of Orange

Having begun as a daily wear for flower children, this color has gained a lot of popularity. This is because the subversive culture of the past has quickly been co-opted by entertainment and fashion industries. This color has therefore become a taste for many people.

This flashy bright color can be found in fleeces, trousers and even sweatshirts. This color is not only used in clothing but also in shopping bags, laptop carriers since this dye makes it harder for someone to steal or misplace the items inside the bag. Orange is a great color, but lime is another bright color often used. You can also get lime t-shirts.

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