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The People Who Make Up A Solid Construction Team

Construction is a job that is heavily team-based. Everyone has their assigned role or roles and works in conjunction with others to efficiently and safely complete the project. Whether they are present on the site or not, it takes many different people with many different skills to get the job done. Useful tools, like safety vests and lighted traffic cones, are another important part of the job.

The Workers

One of the most visible parts of the team is the collection of the constriction workers themselves. In addition to building, they hold many more responsibilities, especially in regards to safety. These are the people physically putting the building together. They are required to wear FHWA-approved ANSI Class 2 or Class 3 safety vests, as well as to be as safe as possible while working.


Safety is a huge concern on construction sites, and while everyone is responsible for making the site as safe as possible, there are some people who specialize in securing safety. For example, the safety factor can be greatly supplemented by the use of a construction safety educator. These people are widely trained in and are professionals in the field of construction safety. Sometimes there is a safety manager as well. This person either trains the construction workers on the specific ins and outs of the construction site, or they hire someone to do it. This is where safety educators come in, but manuals or classes can also provide similar results.

Safety Gear

To help enhance the safety of a construction zone, workers can also arm themselves with the best safety fear. Safety vests are required, but useful tools like lighted traffic cones, reflective rain gear, and hard hats can also provide the extra boost of protection that can ultimately prevent injuries from happening. Best of all, by buying them in bulk online, you can save a lot of money, all while making sure everyone in your group is protected up to standards.

The Contractor

The contractor is the one overseeing the construction project and is also in charge of communication between all the parts of the construction team, including the one who needs the construction done. They talk to the company, person, or government entity that needs the construction and creates a price estimate, which includes cost of materials, construction equipment, and workers. Often, if the job is a big one, subcontractors will be hired to oversee certain aspects of the job and keeping those aspects organized.


Engineers are in charge of making sure the plans for construction are safe and sturdy. Not only do the ensure the final building is secure, but they are in charge of temporary structures, like scaffolding and such, and making sure they are safe as well. In addition, they make sure schemes for lifting and transportation of materials is done in a safe manner.

As you can see, everyone plays an important part in not only completing the building, but also doing it safely. These are just a handful of the people who are involved in construction, and it’s certainly a team effort to get any sort of construction work completed. Safety is of the utmost importance, so if you are a worker or part of the team, make sure you are equipped with your safety vest. Also look into lighted traffic cones with safety cones reflective collars, hard hats, and other useful tools to help increase safety and productivity.

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