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The Value Of Flourescent Safety Clothing

Of course, safety vest are extremely important for individuals to wear that work in hazardous conditions. There are thousands of injuries and deaths that occur in these types of workplace environments. Highway workers, in particular, are faced with hazardous conditions everyday. Other professionals such as construction workers, police officers and medical emergency workers are also among the many different types of workers that wear these garments. They are particularly worn by highway workers at risk of blending to their backgrounds and not being seen by drivers. Wearing a reflective security garment will save many lives.

ANSI Classes

Security garment classes were made to help regulate the necessary apparel needed by city and state workers. ANSI jackets are necessary in places of high speed traffic and when workers are near large machinery. If you are buying one for yourself, there is no law requiring you to wear a particular class. It is always advisable, however, to consider buying one with a class two or class three as it will give you more visibility compared to one with a lower rating.

What Qualifies For ANSI?

To achieve the needs arranged by ANSI, this safety apparel is required to consist of a minimum of 450 sq inches of fluorescent materials. In order to distinguish the actual garments among the real workers, they are usually color coded in line using the type of public service professional. The color green class vests are usually worn by crisis medical workers, red-colored garments are usually worn by firefighters, and the blue garments are put on by law enforcement officials. These garments are most commonly placed on through service workers to keep all of all of them protect while operating near to roadside as well as freeway visitors.

Class 3

Class three orange t-shirt give the user greater visibility than class two. They have sleeves of reflective material with 2 inch striping and a specified amount of square inches for the background material. Those that are rated Class 3 are required for workers near traffic in excess speeds of 50 mph.

Who Uses Them?

ANSI vests are highly specialized and must be worn in particular hazardous conditions. This special purpose vest is typically worn by a range of emergency service workers. They are also worn by police officer that may be directing traffic. Other professions such as firemen and EMS works will also where this protective gear.

Class 2

Class two reflective vest are used when higher visibility is necessary such as during extreme weather conditions. The workers need higher level of visibility by any approaching motorists. They draw even higher attention to workers that may be working on the roads during bad weather. They are also used by workers operating heavy equipment on the road.

Many People Are Injured Every Year

Each year, thousands of people are injured in freeway construction accidents. Highway workers operating in the vicinity of moving vehicles face a substantial security risk every day. Distracted at work due to oncoming drivers that are occasionally oblivious of the reduced speed signs can cause a dangerous situation. Drivers will usually pass by construction employees at higher rates of speed than is safe. This creates an unsafe environment that is filled with dangerous conditions.

Class three lime t-shirt are typically called used in situations where workers are subjected to high vehicle rates of speed and reduced visibility. The worker may also be a vehicle operator of heavy equipment in high traffic areas. They must be visible to other on coming motorists. Utility workers and construction workers are a few of the types of jobs that use these safety vest. It is very important to follow ANSI standards whenever employed in these types of working conditions.

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