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Traffic Cones – Basic Safety For Common Dangers

Also known as road cones or safety cones, traffic cones are used as a temporary safety measure to divert traffic or people away from an unsafe area. These areas may be where roadwork or construction is taking place or a different type of unsafe area such as a vehicle accident or where a piece of road has washed out. There are various circumstances where you will find road cones, but in almost all situations they are temporary.

Fluorescent Orange

While these devices do vary in color, the most popular color is a fluorescent orange. This is known as a “hunter” orange or “safety” orange as this tends to be the color most used under circumstances where safety is concerned. Yellow, pink and red are the other colors that tend to be used most often.

Can Be Used Indoors

Although they tend to be used mostly outdoors, these devices can also be found inside. Buildings may use them to identify safety hazards such as a wet floor. They may also be used to mark a construction area for people to walk around. There are usually signs posted to identify what the hazard is when these are being used for indoor purposes. Consider investing in safety t-shirt to add an extra layer of protection.


Lightweight plastic and rubber are the most common materials used in the making of this product. These materials make the devices easy to relocate. Back in 1914 when road cones were first used, they were made out of concrete. This material meant a lot more work was involved in moving them, therefore making them less portable than in modern days.


Recently there has been a new type of safety cone invented. This new type is collapsible. These types of cones tend to be made from a lightweight nylon material with the base being made of plastic. While available in various sizes collapsible cones tend to be for personal use such as to notify oncoming traffic of a breakdown or flat tire.


Portability is certain with the collapsible devices as they tend to weigh less than three pounds. Their ability to fold up is also quite a space saver as one can simply slip in into the trunk of their vehicle or under their seat. Because of their light weight, there is also no need to worry about vehicle performance being affected.


Since there are many cases where these devices are used during nighttime hours, most come with a reflective safety strip on them. This strip is almost always silver in color. These strips allow light from street lams and vehicles to reflect off of them, illuminating the cones so that they are visible.

All over the world these devices are being used. While collapsible traffic cones are not always conical in shape, it does show that everyone is more concerned about safety. This is not just concern for the safety of traffic and pedestrians, but also for the workers themselves. Workers can find a lot of protection from orange t-shirt as well. Government is showing this as well by implementing new labour laws and updating current ones.

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