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Why Hardhats Are Valuable

Hardhats are protective pieces of headgear. Most commonly seen in the construction industry, they are worn by workers. The main purpose of using this headgear is to shield the wearer from the impact of objects that fall from above.



On construction sites, it is often the case that heavy materials are being used at high levels. The risk of head injury in this kind of environment is high. This danger can be greatly reduced by wearing one of these all-important items of safety wear. Those sporting it can even prevent skull and brain injury resulting from loose, live electric cables.


The secret to the success of this lifesaver lies in how it is made. On the interior you can find a plastic, raised structure which creates a dome between the tough exterior material and the surface of the head. This also creates a space between the head surface and the exterior hat surface. As an added safety feature, there is often an external raised peak.



When there is an impact to the hat, the corresponding force that results is spread over its surface and absorbed. The person who is wearing it therefore does not receive the full force of impact. Hardhats act like a second skull for the wearer and are vital in environments where the risk of taking a blow to the head due to heavy, falling debris is real.


The wearing of these protective headpieces is mandatory in industries where heavy work above ground level is taking place. They are also compulsory in situations where there is limited headroom where the head could be easily knocked against protrusions like concrete or wooden beams. Should there be a danger of materials collapsing, hard hats are also used.


Originally, metal was the main material used to make this life saving headwear. For some time fiberglass was used but recent times have seen the use of plastic as standard on most versions. Hats may also come with special features. Visors, lights and ear protectors are just some of the possible additions to their design. These additions have only made an appearance in recent times. Chinstraps can also be used for those who are bending over or have to spend periods of time in an inverse posture.


Variants of hard hats can be seen in daily life. From the cyclist to the skate boarder and the motorbike rider, all head safety wear associated with these activities has the same purpose and function as a hard hat. It keeps the wearer safe.  These hats often have bright, reflective colors. This ensures that their wearer can be seen at a glance and even out of the corner of the eye. This is an invaluable safety measure, especially in a place where there are large vehicles moving very quickly.

Reasons for hardhats being compulsory include the life threatening damage of injury from skull impacts. In less severe instances, this can result in paralysis. Any damage to a hard hat should therefore be taken very seriously. Scratches, chips or cracks to the surface mean that a new hat is required you also want to be wary of getting your head gear wet. You should look into commercial rain gear if you will be spending much time in rainy conditions.


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