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Why You Should Update Your Traffic Cones

Why buy traffic cones, especially if you already have them? Technology is always evolving, and there is no exception with safety products, including the design of traffic cones. Let’s start by identifying the benefits of traditional traffic cones and why modern collapsible cones are necessary.

Nothing gets attention like a bright orange cone, but some of your old cones may have faded in color over time. Whether to protect road workers, pedestrians, students or drivers, traffic cones play a role in keeping our communities safe. They are a simple and cost-effective way to mark off areas, redirect traffic, or merge lanes during road construction. Modern collapsible cones are highly durable, yet pliable to prevent damage if hit by a moving vehicle, and easily visible in the dark.

Cones are utilized in many different industries for many reasons. The modern collapsible traffic cone does a lot more than the typical orange PVC cone. Collapsible traffic cones have all the advantages of traditional cones including the bright orange color and reflective collar. They are lightweight and feature a light-up option if needed at night. Collapsible traffic cones have the same height and dimensions as traditional safety cones, but they can be packed into a compact carrying case. Lastly, collapsible cones take up very little space unlike traditional cones. Collapsible cones are simple to set-up, and easy to store away quickly.

Interested in more? Watch our collapsible cone video here or share with us now!

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